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amthaipaper แอมไทยฉบับที่ 137 ออกแล้ว!..ISSUE 0137 (May-Jun19) is out now !!..    

Event : Every Monday of April :Chateau 6 Karaoke Contest

โดย amthai event team

Upcoming event: Chateau 6 Karaoke Contest on 13th April


After Chateau 6 announced the karaoke singing contest from 16th March, they now have 20 contestants for this coming event on 13th April to celebrate on Songkran Day..

Come to see Chateau 6 Karaoke Contest on this coming 12th - 13th April. The winner will get return ticket to Thailand and many more.

For further information, please visit


Tel: 0207 385 1333

See you there soon ;)


amthai Event Team


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