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Leisure : MEKHONG COCKTAIL COMPETITION at Blue Elephant, London

โดย amthai event team

 Above Picture: 5 finalists and VIP judges at the Blue Elephant London


Blue Elephant Thai restaurant in Fulham has teamed up with Mekhong , Thailand's Thai rum and Royal Orchid Holidays to offer Londoners the chance to win a holiday Package to Thailand.

 The event was hold at Blue Elephant on the afternoon of Friday 03 April, whereby 5 finalists have a chance to recreate their recipes in front of the panel.


   The panel: Khun Tanes, TAT Director of London is working on the winner selection.



 THE WINNER is receiving the return ticket to Thailand from WestEast Travel



-  One Royal Orchid Holiday package to Thailand in a luxury 5 star hotel.
-  Complimentary one course cooking class at Blue Elephant Cooking School.
-  Complimentary dinner for two at the Blue Elephant in Bangkok




 The cocktails from 5 finalists




 Khun Banjongjit, the Director,  Khun Tu, the secretary  of Thai Trade Centre in London and Khun Tham, the organiser & GM of Blue Elephant, London













3 April 2009



Blue Elephant Restaurant
3-6 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AA
Tel: 0207 385 6595






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