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Event : Maghapuja Day at the Buddhapadipa Thai Temple in Wimbledon

โดย Charlie Ercilla

8 Feb 2009 On Maghapuja Day at the Buddhapadipa Thai Temple in Wimbledon


The Buddhist Thai community remembers the teachings of the Buddha and has a ceremony to pay respects to him. On last Sunday 8th Feb at the Buddhapadipa Thai Temple in Wimbledon .The Thai Ambassador and various members of the Thai Embassy came to pay respects and do chanting for the Buddha. The ceremony involves walking around the main temple three times chanting in Bali, the same language used in the days of the Buddha 2500 years ago. After this three sticks of incense are burnt and one candle and the Buddhist people will pray to be forgiven for any sins they might have committed in the last year and for protection and guidance for the New Year.


The Buddha passed away over 2500 years ago everyone knows that...yet it is not true. In fact, the Buddha never died, the answer to this is the Buddha lives in our mind people reflect on his teachings and are reminded in both languages conventional and dhamma that the Buddha grows and lives in our hearts we know understand and make use of his knowledge ,therefore the Buddha still does exist heare and now. Everyone was born on this earth, they will stay for a while, and pass away, life after life, on the circle of rebirth, or the round of existences. It is an endless journey, except if we are an Arahanta or  the Worthy One. The only way to reach Nibbana is not letting our minds to be controlled by delusion or by defilement as these causes obstruction like a fog on the road.


Defilement is the root of bad actions they are greed, hatred and ignorance Desire is another obstruction. The craving or thirst seems to be endless for human beings such as craving for sensual pleasures as people are not satisfied with ordinary things they want more craving for eternal life in heaven and some crave for non-existence it means they believe in no re-birth after death. All these desires blind people’s minds. That’s why people cling on to material things and involve in sensual pleasure. It’s like using any vehicle till they reach there destination and then abandoning there vehicle when they reach there destination. This means the circle of rebirth will go on for ever endlessly.

Some people with knowledge of this journey will try to purify there minds with meditation when they have the inner knowledge they will be able to delete delusion and desire from there minds to reach the state of permanent happiness or Nibbana.The Lord Buddha taught people to follow the Dhama and practice dittadhammikattha to achieve diligence, protection, association with good people and living economically. To get rid of suffering they need to follow the Noble Eightfold Path.


The journey of human beings can be two ways the way of the world for social welfare or social needs or the way of religion for spiritual welfare, both journeys will find obstructions that will blind our journey. We should be aware of obstruction by not being careless, particularly for the spiritual journey to follow the ways of the Noble Eightfold Path.

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