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Exclusive Interview : M.L. Bhudhisarn Varavarn

โดย Punamporn Constable, Ramida Vijitphan

M.L. Bhudhisarn Varavarn
General Manager, United Kingdom & Ireland
Thai airways International

Think Positive!

       When anti-government protesters, PAD, gathered at the country's primary international airports around the end of November and the beginning of December, about 100,000 tourists stranded in Thailand in the event of three Thai International airports closed.

       Looking on the bright side, still Thailand is believed to be one of the most popular destinations from people around the world. Today, amthai has an opportunity to have a short interview with M.L. Bhudhisarn Varavarn, General Manager of Thai airways in the UK & Ireland about his opinion.

Bhudhisarn: I think the effect of closing Thai international airports would not change things very much. Thailand’s still a wonderful country and the tourists will not change their minds going to Thailand. In the past few weeks, although, everything’s changed; it would be back in normal. We have checked with everything, nor UK market or European market, the booking has not changed. So, for those people who’re thinking that the image of Thailand has been damaged or the image of Thailand is not going to be the same which it is not in a way it was before, I don’t think so. Ok, this would be a hiccup. Of course, there would be a downturn but I don’t think it’s that much.

amthai: Despite I heard that the Thai airways in Thailand is going to sue PAD (People Alliance for Democracy) for the damage that PAD has caused those international airports to be closed for 10,000 million baht ?

Bhudhisarn: What I understand is this matter is not affected only one route such as London-BKK or BKK-London, its effect total system for 8 days. If you think about this, because the money in our company has to be rotated swiftly, in that sense of course, the cash should has been there, the definition of how much we’ve lost I cannot tell you.

amthai: But for those tourists who had canceled the flights, do you think they will re-book to come back.

Bhudhisarn: Yes, they will re-book. They have done that already. I mean don’t worry what has happened now. It’s not violent that much, still Thailand is the popular destination to go among people. They still like Thailand. So, I don’t believe that what it impacts to Thailand is that much.

amthai: The love from the tourists for Thailand is there, so, they’re not going to go away?

Bhudhisarn: Exactly. They still like Thailand





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