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amthaipaper แอมไทยฉบับที่ 147 ออกแล้ว!..ISSUE 0147 (Mar-Apr2020) is out now !!..    

Event : Congratulation to our Raffle winner at Amthai festival 2010

โดย amthai festival team

 Congratulation to our Raffle winner


amthaipaper would like to thank everyone 
who joined us on 29th August at Wimbledon Park
A return ticket to Thailand with Eva Airways 
By Emerald Traval

People who missed it now will have another chance to get 
a very special air fare to Thailand with 
Eva Airways
 by  Emerald Travel
tel. 0844 472 3180

Please Book it by Friday 10th September 2010!
See you again next year !


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